World of Outlaws Dirt Sprint Racing Diecast by R&R Enterprises

R&R Enterprises have become the Premier Diecast Specialist of all time.  Since buying out the GMP Molds and starting to make there own Diecast molds, they have perfected the sprint car industry.


Dave Blaney 1997 GMP 1/18 #10 Vivarin Sprint
1 of 3504 made #1314

1 in stock, bought in a collection.  Cars are is in mint shape, but boxes have a few scuffs on them.
SRC Diecast 1/18 scale Price: $49.95


Tony Stewart 2009 Old Spice Sprint Racing Diecast

SRC Diecast 1/18 scale Price: $79.95 ea. Sold Out

SRC Diecast 1/25 scale Price: $59.95 ea. Sold out!!

SRC Diecast 1/64 scale Price: $14.95 ea. Sold out!!


Dave Darland  2009 USAC Non-Wing Sprint car Rotondo Weirech Benic Behind the wheel of RWB's #2B Sprint Car, Dave Darland made an impressive mark on the USAC Sprint circuit in 2008.  Darland logged three wins last summer.  The first, an especially emotional victory, at the "Bob Darland Classic", a 30 lap event named for his father, held in his hometown of Kokomo, In.  Darland finished the Indiana Sprint Week 2nd in points after the 8 race series.

SRC Diecast 1/18 scale Price: $79.95 ea. Sold out!!

SRC Diecast Price 1/64 $12.95 ea. Sold out!!


Gary Wright #9 2007 Richwood Construction Sprint Racing Diecast
Made by R&R Enterprises

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SRC Diecast 1/18 scale Price: $130.00

SRC Diecast 1/64 scale Price: $12.95 Sold out!!